Want to host your own Jam?

After hosting our own 57 events in three cities and seeding 37 school-based Jams seeded in 21 cities, we’ve blueprinted our model and put it in a ready-to-use kit that can be implemented at schools, libraries and afterschool programs.

Kits come with webinar training and support. We also offer in-person professional development packages for up to 20 teachers.

Each kit comes with enough coding activities for six programming activity stations, and all activities are in both English and Spanish for better family engagement.

Why a Jam? Our model harnesses the power of community, engaging families, students and industry. It moves the needle on getting kids excited about computer science, building their confidence in their skills and inspiring them to imagine themselves in the tech-driven jobs of the future. It creates an environment where all students can be successful, creative problem solvers with code.