Youth Code Jam for Neurodiverse Students

Technology companies have a critical need to fill jobs with over 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide, and an estimated 1.4 million unfilled programming jobs by 2024. Emerging research finds that many of the traits associated with neurodiversity (recognizing patterns, attention to detail, concentration over long periods of time and low tolerance for mistakes) are similar to those needed to be successful at programming jobs. Companies like Microsoft and SAP have specific initiatives to recruit adults with autism. Binary code is a predictable world where concepts that others find challenging come easily. It’s an elegant world where everything makes sense. It’s a world in which these students can create, be in control, feel safe and thrive.

At Youth Code Jam, our goals are

  • to live in a city where every child has an opportunity to get excited about computer science, learn to code and at least consider it as important a part of what they do as learning to read and write.

  • to be the organization where neurodiverse children find safe spaces to invent, experiment, take risks, break rules, make mistakes, have fun and learn.

  • to solve the problem for parents who ask…what is my child going to do after high school?

  • to build collaborations with public and private partners so together, we can build a stronger, better world.

All of our programs are inclusive. So, if you have a neurodiverse child, know that this is a place where they are always welcome and cherished and where they can be successful. Check our events calendar for upcoming events and join us.