youth code jam


September 16, 2017 – Youth Code Jam community wide event

Registration is now open! Sign up here.

Our Code Jam events are semi-unstructured, collaborative, creativity-inspiring, bring-your-own-laptop experiences for youth and their parents. We focus on inspiring young people to get excited about technology and its uses and on connecting the dots for parents and students from playing online to creating online to real world, high demand, high paying jobs.

Students at our jam are encouraged to work on whatever they think is interesting. They get to choose if they want to float around, spending time at many learning stations and working on different things, or if they’d rather spend all their time working on one project. Our volunteer mentors are there to help along the way, explaining, encouraging, expanding.

Jams are free, thanks to our generous sponsors: ESC Region 20Rackspace, 80|20 Foundation, Google FiberSecurity Service Federal Credit Union, Alamo Chapter of the San Antonio Information Systems Security Association, Whataburger, Conceptual MindWorks, San Antonio River Authority, Port San Antonio and others.

PopUp events

Our popup events take place at various times throughout the year, including our very special special jam for teens with high functioning autism and Aspergers. Sign up to be notified when we open our next popup special event.