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Youth Code Jam is a TEA-approved provider of continuing professional education. TEA Continuing Professional Education Provider Number #902-492.

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Special thank you to the 80/20 Foundation for their generous support
helping to keep these workshops free of charge for teachers.


C Programming (with a little bit of pseudocode) | October 28 | 9 am to 4 pm | St. Mary’s University


Join Dr. Carol Redfield, director of graduate computer science program at St. Mary’s University, to learn the C programming language through writing code in Orwell Dev C++ (on a Windows-based PC) including input/output, variables, expressions, conditions, loops, arrays, strings, pointers, structures, functions, file I/O, and linked lists. Participants should have some knowledge of C Programming.

Learning Objectives. Participants will

  • understand and write C programs including variable and function declarations, input and output, selective statements, and loops
  • be able to explain how different kinds of linked lists can be implemented with C structures

Pseudocode, Lists, Searches and the Big O | November 4 | 9 am to 4 pm | Cogeco Peer 1 at The Pearl


Learn the pseudocode used on the Texas CS certification test through example problems and solutions including comments, variables, expressions, input, output, conditions, loops, and functions. Pseudocode and algorithms for recursion, linked lists, trees, sorting and searching will be presented as well as a little Big-O. Taught by Dr. Carol Redfield, director of graduate computer science program at St. Mary’s University. Participants should have some knowledge of a computer programming language.

Learning Objectives. Participants will be able to:

  • interpret and write the pseudocode notation used on the Texas CS certification test
  • walk through pseudocode for algorithms about data manipulation such as linked lists, sorting and searching

Robotics Programming with Lego Mindstorm EV3 | November 11 | 9 am to noon | St. Mary’s University


This session is an introduction to building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Robotics Systems. Teachers will practice construction and programming with EV3 intelligent bricks with servo style motors, light, touch, sound, and ultrasonic sensors. In pairs, teachers build a robot and program it with a computer to move, react, and make sounds in order to solve challenges. Taught by Dr. Wenbin Luo, associate professor of engineering at St. Mary’s University. Robotics programming is a new addition to the CS 241 test.Participants should know some Java.

Learning Objectives. Participants will

  • demonstrate knowledge of technology concepts, systems and operations as they apply to robotics
  • know how to utilize the design process to prototype, construct, evaluate, refine and document the development of a robot
  • demonstrate the use of computers to manipulate a robot
  • develop algorithms to move and provide interaction with a robot, including applying instructions, collecting sensor data and performing simple tasks (e.g., following lines, moving objects, avoiding obstacles).

C Programming vs. Java | November 11 | 1 pm to 4 pm | St. Mary’s University


Join Dr. Art Hanna, professor of computer science at St. Mary’s University, for an afternoon on the differences between C Programming and Java. It would be helpful to have some knowledge of these programming languages.

Make sure you’re on our mailing list for details as we schedule more professional development. Coming soon: programming in virtual reality and introduction to micro:bits.

Interested in bringing Youth Code Jam to your school? Here are a few of our out-of-the-box teacher professional development workshops:

  • Integrating web design across core curriculum (HTML/CSS)
  • Utilizing Finch Robots in the elementary school classroom
  • Utilizing Finch Robots in the middle school classroom
  • PocketLabs in the Science Classroom
  • Computer Science in the Foreign Language classroom
  • Arduino in the Classroom or Library
  • DIY Family Code Jam
  • Learn: Javascript
  • Learn: Java 
  • Learn: Python
  • Learn: Game Design
  • How to organize and run an after school coding club
  • CS Certification Prep: Pseudocode
  • CS Certification Prep: Software Development

Please contact Debi for pricing and more information.