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Youth Code Jam is a TEA-approved provider of continuing professional education. TEA Continuing Professional Education Provider Number #902-492.

Special thank you to the 80/20 Foundation for their generous support helping to keep these workshops free of charge for teachers.

Youth Code Jam is excited to have received funding to participate in the 2018 WeTeach_CS Collaboratives for a second year. We have an amazing group of 30 teachers, all headed toward challenging the CS Certification exam.

We have a full pot of summer professional development brewing. Where space is available, any teachers may register.
Our upcoming courses include:

March 12-14: Learn to code with Python 

April 7: Computational thinking and micro:bits at Hemisfair

June 9: Logic and Game Design at St. Mary’s University

June 16-17: C Programming at St. Mary’sUniversity

June 18-22: Java at St. Mary’s University

June 23: Pseudocode at St. Mary’s University

June 30: Cybersecurity at St. Mary’s University

July 14: Robotics at St. Mary’s University

July 18-20: LaunchCS Computational Thinking for K-8

July 21: Pseudocode at St. Mary’s University

In addition, Youth Code Jam has received funding to teach schools and libraries across Texas how to host their own family code jams in their communities using the successful prototype of San Antonio’s event..an event that has grown into the State’s largest youth coding event. Interested in having Youth Code Jam come to your region to offer professional development? Apply here.

If you have any questions, please contact Debi at 210.669.6911 or debi-at-youthcodejam.org.