Learn with Toys and Games

We love to play with these cool gadgets--and think you will, too. Some of the items recommended below are listed on Amazon. Before placing an order, we invite you to support our non-profit by selecting Youth Code Jam as your beneficiary via Smile.Amazon.com.


Our Favorite Picks

A subscription learning system that teaches a new computer science concept every month. Ages 6 to 12.

A board game designed to teach programming skills and sequential logic. Ages 8+.

Learn to code with this innovative drone kit. Ages 8+.

Make the robotic bird move using code. Ages 5+.

Merge VR Cube: https://mergevr.com

Hold a hologram in the palm of your hand. Ages 10+.

A tiny, affordable computer with which you can make all kinds of cool things. Ages 10+

Create working circuits without tools. Ages 8+.

Using an app--and your coding skills, make the robotic sphere go where you want. Ages 10+.

Sunfounder Arduino Starter Kit: https://www.sunfounder.com

A STEM-based education kit for older kids and teens interested in electronics. Ages 12+.

A STEM-based board game perfect for preschoolers. Ages 5+.