On January 25, 2017, UT-Austin announced that WeTeach_CS had received a $5 million grant from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide professional development to computer science teachers around the state and to help increase the numbers of certified CS teachers in Texas. This is not the first time TEA has given support to WeTeach_CS. TEA has previously funded initiatives such as the Certification Incentive Program (CIP), however, this is the agency’s largest investment in CS professional development to date.

Youth Code Jam is honored to be selected as a partner in delivering this exciting opportunity here in San Antonio.

We’ve put together an incredible opportunity for free professional development with the help of some amazing partners, including St. Mary’s University, Rackspace University, Open Cloud Academy and Hallmark University. To learn more about our program for teachers who are interested in getting their computer science certification, visit our application page at: https://goo.gl/forms/YedPQGNi2SS9nh9a2.


WeTeach_CS Collaborative