Popular Websites That Teach Coding

Yes, you really can teach yourself to code with our comprehensive collection of websites. We suggest that parents and kids work together on these websites, especially when very young children are involved. (* indicates websites of special interest to teachers.)


Our Favorite Picks

Program games on your iPad

*Code.org: code.org

Learn to code on your own or in your classroom or club

*Code Academy: codecademy.com/

For older kids, teens, and advance learners, a website with courses on learning to code

*Code Avengers: codeavengers.com/

Learn various programming languages, arranged by sections (ages 5 - 14, 15+, Teachers)

Code Kingdoms: codekingdoms.com

Perfect for Minecraft and Roblox fans (paid)

Code Monkey: playcodemonkey.com

A playful way to learn to code

Gamestar Mechanic: gamestarmechanic.com

Learn to code your own video games

Download the app, learn to code on your Apple device

JSDares: jsdares.com/

Make games while learning javascript

Kids Ruby: kidsruby.com/

Downloadable program to learn Ruby programming

*Kodable: kodable.com/

For K-5, programming tutorials (free parent trial available)

Kodu Game Lab: kodugamelab.com/about

Create games on PC or Xbox

Made with Code: madewithcode.com

Designed for girls who want to start coding

MIT App Inventor: appinventor.mit.edu

Tutorials for designing your own apps

Mozilla X-Ray Goggles: goggles.webmaker.org/

Remix any page on the web

Pluralsight (formerly Code School): pluralsight.com/codeschool

For advanced learners and adults, assess skills and follow the plan to improve your skills (paid)

*Scratch: Scratch.mit.edu

Create games, stories, and animations to share

*Thimble by Mozilla: thimble.mozilla.org/en-US/

An online code editor that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

*Tynker’s Hour of Code: tynker.com/hour-of-code/

Hosted by a website dedicated to teaching kids to code (for a fee), these sample tutorials are free

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials: w3schools.com/

Learn HTML online, for free